יום שני, יולי 25, 2005

3 Months After. From Susi

To mark the 3 month of Tsiki's passing, i would like to share something i wrote when we were together. Perhaps simply to paint a mental picture, but more so to share with everyone how dear he was to me...

- As he sleeps ten feet away, I want to wake him up and tell him i love him one more time. Only because I know he has things to do in his life, but he should know how i feel. If I had it my way, i would find a way for us to be together tomorrow. Because with Tsiki, I can't wait to fall asleep with him and to wake up with him next to me. I want to watch him sleep and smile, because everything he does gives meaning to the beat of my heart. Can I ever be so lucky?- Written on September 3, 2004

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אנונימי אמר/ה...

Hey Susi,
Every month I read everything you write to Tziki and my tears just come out. Tziki and me were good friends all the 3 years when we were together in the military. after we got out of the army we talked only once a month or 2, but after he came back from abroad every conversation that we had was about you. I dont need to tell you that If there is one person in the world who didnt deserve it was Tziki, but it happenned, and I guess there are reasons for it we will never understand. And keep on writing here in the website, it feels good to remember how perfect was Tziki.
Hang in there.


celestial blue אמר/ה...

They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved....
but I have to believe it was said by someone who has not known such pain.

thank you for continuing to share.

אנונימי אמר/ה...


Hey, you dont know who I am and really I dont know who any of you are. I stumbbled over this website while surfing the web just cuz i think that every once in a while these angels deserve the time to be remembered. I read so many of your entries and it breaks my heart each time over and over again. I pray for you and his family that one day your souls will allow you to stop aching. Stop aching and understand that it doesnt mean you have forgotten about him....it just means that now you and him have become one, he is now a an unseperable part of who you are.

Always thinking of all the angles,


The Ginrod אמר/ה...

Dear hilary,
Thanks for your comment. Tsiki's family and I always strive to make sense of our pain- it is a long road, but there is an amount of beauty in time. and i think we all realize that. best wishes