יום שישי, אוגוסט 26, 2005

Fourth Month By Susi

-You need to take the goodness out of the sad, and make it 'beautiful sadness'. Being sad because you knew you could have been much happier, makes you feel better".-Southpark.
".. i think this applies to us a lot! Even though most of the time i am unhappy about not being with you, and i feel sad about it, and miss you like crazy, i gotta remember there's someone out there (6000 km away) that's perfect, and perfect for me, and i love her (you), and i know we'll end up together soon! Knowing this makes me happy and makes all this sadness beautiful! I hardly seeing myself as needlessly and purposelessly torturing myself, i gladly torture myself with the sadness of our distance. i don't think there's anyone like you on this face of this planet, your the one for me." - written by Tsiki on October 25th.

Four months. Four months. such time has passed. But looking through his letters, his videos, our pictures, i am waiting for someone to jump out of the woodwork and laugh at this terrible joke. I wanted to share with you all what he wrote, just so you all could know what a wonderful boyfriend he was aside from being my partner in this universe. My rememberence of his love keeps my soul warm during the lonely nights..

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